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Katrina Muhammad is a Surgical Medical Device Sales Executive. She received her B.A from Spelman College. Thereafter, she became a teacher with Detroit Public Schools and eventually expanded her education career teaching adults and adjudicated youth. She matriculated by becoming a Director of an adult trade school in Michigan and Director of Muhammad University of Islam (pre-k thru grade 12). Katrina expanded her education by successfully completing a medical sales course and becoming the M.V.P. of her class. She entered the medical industry as a pharmaceutical sales representative and in a short time earned a National Sales Award ranking her in the top 10% of the company highest earners. She has also previously owned an art gallery, a independent film marketing company and contributed as a guest writer for various newspapers including The Final Call Newspaper. When she is not in an operating room she spends her time in the garden, writing, traveling, tutoring children, and trying very hard to live a balanced life and enjoy a good sense of humor about the vicissitudes of living. She is most passionate about education of children and helping domestic abuse survivors. She loves reading and writing. She wrote her first book “Relationship Talks” to assist healthy dialogue between couples in courtship and considering marriage. She is a native of Detroit, Michigan and has lived in several other states including Maryland, Florida, and Georgia.  She currently resides in Illinois.

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"This book really helped me make my decision on whether or not I should have gotten married."

Michael Johnson

Bronx, NY

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"Good conversations create great relationships."

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